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Purchasing Management

Consolidate the procurement and approvals process

Remove purchasing bottlenecks and eliminate unauthorized spending with flexible spending controls. 

Provide teams with consistent context throughout the acquisition process. 

contract management

Management of the entire life cycle of contracts

Manage contracts automatically, managing consumption, measurement forecasts, tolerances, etc.

Get notified about effective dates, deadline for active renewal.

supplier management

Active documentation management

By type of supply, manage the documents that the supplier has to make available automatically. 

The supplier itself will be able to update the documents close to expiring, the company approves and homologates.

stock management

Quick and easy warehouse management

Manage inventories in a simple and integrated way when receiving the invoice. 

Manage requests to the warehouse, respond to or request purchases in an integrated and simple way.

budget management

Budget integrated with purchases in real time

Integrated with the purchase process and payment requests, have a real-time view of the budget. 

Get information about the position of the cost center or work/project budget when requesting and approving purchases.

process indicators

KPIs process automatic indicators

According to the process, reports and indicators are calculated.

All visualization dashboards with Excel export capabilities.


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Common questions

Yes ! This is our specialty, GOEVO already has integration with the main ERP systems on the market.

The integrations will promote the synchronization of basic records such as products, suppliers, cost centers, accounting accounts, and movements such as purchase requests, purchase orders, contracts and invoices.

The deployment scope will be done during project deployment.

Yes, GOEVO is a software platform that allows customizations.

GOEVO is extremely flexible and can work with different business rules, in many cases just by adjusting the parameters. But if there is any specific rule or need for specific control, it is possible to develop customizations that can be done without trauma and at an extremely competitive cost.


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